The Journey Begins

Hey there, thanks for stopping by.

“Life is the journey…” has become almost as cliche as “what doesn’t kill you…” but I’ve irrefutably found it true for me to look at it any other way is to miss the point entirely.

Side Note (hooray, my first side note!): I usually go with the variant “arrive with each step” these days.

What this blog is and isn’t;

If you’re looking for an argument or a social media style troll-fest, this isn’t the site for you.

This is a space where all comments are welcome as long as they foster the idea behind the name of the site, which is, at its core, “LOVE”.

Over the last year of my life I’ve read (well, listened to … ❤ Audible+long car rides) over 25 books, which directly or indirectly foray into the current arising spiritual consciousness that apparently has been simmering behind the scenes for nearly 40 years now and has recently begun to reach a boiling point with advances in the scientific realm (i.e. Quantum Mechanics and ideas like “The Goldilocks Dimension”) seeming to coalesce within the past 2-3.

These books/lectures/musings, coupled with some personal pitfalls and revelations, have vastly opened my eyes to things, ideas, and new experiences I feel compelled to share with the world. I’ve been toying with various outlets (some of you may have heard the infamous, single episode fated, podcast that I co-hosted titled: Psst… Your Crazy Is Showing) for the past few months now; I suppose it’s time to try my hand at the written word.

Again, my hope is that this space becomes a very living and breathing forum for us to merge and share the underlying awakenings  so many of us seem to be having or just sound out in more detail, or perhaps even QnA around, how or why I believe the ideas behind these posts. As the title to this page articulates, we don’t by any means need to agree for me to lovethewayuthink.

I’ll leave you with this because I’ll likely reference time and again, you and this universe is perfect; not in spite of but rather because of, your imperfections. There is absolutely only one “true love” for each of us to find and I can tell you he or she isn’t “out there”, its the person whose voice you’re hearing while reading this (um … by that I mean YOU!, hopefully that’ll convey even for those using a screen reader, um, unless you find yourself falling for Siri like the movie Her, and if that’s your truth, more power to you lol).

You’re special and wonderful and the directly attached to the source of all real power in the universe. This will be made very clear as I expand (and hopefully dissect alongside all of you)  the idea that NO ONE is special, no one is better or worse than any other person out there. We’re all only separate when we view ourselves as an expression of the individual consciousness in a cosmos that can, and is being, quantified as a holistic-single consciousness.

Lastly, I love and am here for you and make it my mission to express that in whatever ways I’m capable of expressing it. Please know I say that with complete and full sincerity, a total absence of fear, judgement, or expectation, and absolutely zero remorse because I know I believe it about and express it to myself, with the same level of intensity and tenacity, every second I’m “woke” enough to realize; this moment is the only “time” that “reality” consists of.

Much much more to come…

Stay tuned for updates to this site that will include pages such as; suggested reading, possible past and current poetry, expansion on/follow ups to our discussions/blog posts, and an outline of the ongoing science/religion grudge match

I’ll leave you with a brain-busting teaser title (for those brave enough to wrestle the philosophical upper stratosphere of the debate);
You Are the Universe: Discovering Your Cosmic Self and Why It Matters

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