Love and The Heart ❤️: Why this feeling and imagery still pervades

Have you ever wondered why, even after medical science revealed all thought originates in the brain, we still say love comes from the organ in our chest?

After months of meditation it seems clear to me; there isn’t anything in this world that more accurately portrays the essence of what love is, in its truest form.

The heart, like love, Always;

  • Establishes the baseline
  • Gives all it has, without expectation
  • Makes all the other parts possible, and;
  • Will be with you up until the end
    • Regardless of the times we may mistake it for giving up on us completely

Side note: I’d imagine, those who are blessed with another person’s gift as a replacement, in the rare chance it does go against its “vow” to be there until the end, can attest to love’s parallel even better than I can.

As the best example of the “paradoxical dance” we all are as humans; both as an impermanent vessel (subject to birth and death) and the ever-enduring presence which makes awareness possible, it’s easy to get lost in our attempts to hold onto things, emotions, or ideas we deem as “good” or “better” for as long as we can.

Remember, amidst the fear the paradox illicits; the outer world will eventually change/shift no matter how hard we fight it but all of us have an ever-present example of what Love feels like beating in our chest.

Try to take a few short in-breaths today, listen for its rhythm and give thanks.

I promise, the love you feel inside will be immediately reflected as love’s “heartbeat”, underneath all things, “out there”.

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