Tomorrow’s Hero for Today’s Victims by defining Villains; How the Ego Always Wins

Do you feel like the world is always out to get you? Is it as though, no matter how hard you try to deal with the difficult people or situations in life, you never seem to make any progress?

Do the following sound like aphorisms you’ve said to yourself; “Eventually, if I keep giving it my all, I’ll have everything I need to free myself of this torment!” or perhaps “I just know that someday I’ll meet someone who’ll make all of this struggle and pain worth it.”

Let me tell you, “Yes” is a perfectly normal answer. Whether it took a bit of soul searching or you screamed it as soon as I asked, most of us know the feeling.

This feeling is the basis of how most of us give our power away and supplant it with a misunderstanding of “who I am” (through things) and assures we never feel the excitement of knowing who we really are (freewill), behind these stories.

I’ll start by saying simply; it’s just that, a story!person holding black and orange typewriter

It’s as fictional as Harry Potter.

However, it feels as real as the car you drive because it establishes and maintains your Cyclical Suffering Patterns.

To begin to explain what I mean by that allow me to outline the difference between “pain” and “suffering”;

Pain: is the feeling that whatever you’re doing to your body is something to be avoided or done in smaller quantities and may lead to your inevitable death, if left unchecked.

Suffering: stems from the minds massive power of pattern recognition when used in service of alerting us that where we’ve been, where we are, or where you see us headed is not where you are “supposed to” be.

Both are necessary tools of the ego which were fine-tuned over the centuries to keep us alive, safe, and moving forward.

However, the latter has been grossly over used and distorted because it doesn’t have an easily determined root cause (it’s basis on the idea of “who you are”) and is always able to use the same tactics that create the sensation to justify its existence.

Side Note: To clarify the term “ego”, I mean the part within that holds firm to the idea that all we are is “out there”.

i.e. The part that thinks “me and mine” as in; “That’s me”, “My Body”, “My Health”, “My Job”, “My Spouse”, “My Life”, etc. and is synonymous with a story because, as you may have deduced, it’s the sum of all of those external “parts” of you.

We’ll dive much deeper into this in the near future.

Now you may be asking questions like; “where are you going with this?” or “How is the story of who I am and who I want to be creating heroes, victims, and villains?”

Let me ask you this, what story doesn’t have those elements?

For the ego to avoid the fear of losing itself it must have a firm grip on who is playing which role at all times.

NEWS FLASH: You are always all three!

Do I have your full attention at this point?

The ego demands we hold firm to the understanding that villains are external (people, events, or obstacles such as; finances, social status, and any other circumstance), but how did those things get there? Is any, or all of it, able to be tracked back to a decision you made (or choose to “opt out of” or a choice to “not choose” and thus fall victim to)?

Why, if it’s completely external, are you unable to extricate yourself from these clear obstacles that assure the external conditions continue?


If you’re feeling ANXIOUS OR DEPRESSED right now, just breathe.

Take a moment to feel those feelings and do everything in your power to look at them fully but try not to be swept away by them.

What you’re feeling is the cycle. It’s what has you tumbling on “Low” in life’s endless clothes dryer, trying to tell yourself that the best thing for you is to avoid feeling all together.

This is the misunderstanding of who you are, and it begins and ends with; JUDGEMENT

The urge to find someone to point at and blame or feel guilty for the decisions you made to get to the place you find yourself are all centered on maintaining the illusion of control over the chaos of this world.

Let me say it once more more succinctly; the need to control stems from the ego’s need to feel safe and it is an ILLUSION!

Earth could get hit by an asteroid or you could be swept up in a tsunami, tornado, or any other natural disaster. It could all be over in a flash and all the safety measures and ideas of what you were or what you’ll become will be washed away in an instant.

Now, I’m not saying go out and just live on the street and cast off all desire for material goods because it’s all meaningless. It’s quite the opposite!

I’m saying that when you release yourself from the self-made shackles of “should” and “have to” you’ll be free to find out the entirety of what you “could” become.

This is getting a bit lengthy so I’ll try to end short and sweet and reiterate by saying;

In the story that we’re all trapped in, we play all three, today’s Victim predicated by the Villains of yesterday all supported by the hope we’ll be tomorrow’s Hero.

Let go of the illusion that you’re nothing without the story and begin to break the cycle!

Embrace the undeniable fact that it’s all an idea, a thought, until the moment at which all possibilities collapse and become realized in the only moment that’s ever real, this moment.

Remember, the ego wants you to wrap your feeling of worth up in the idea that you will be the hero in the story … someday. For it to maintain this it’s impossible to abandon your victim status today. This is why we assert that villains exist out there, outside of us, and that we’re merely at the whims of the universe, as victims.

Instead, please try with all your might to fall in love with all that you are today, for when tomorrow comes, you’ll reach for this new playbook and see it simply says;

“Today, I AM love”.

i hate nothing about you with red heart light

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