Love and Science: Same source code, just speaking different languages

Have you heard of the double slit experiment and its revelations that basically broke our concept of reality, almost 100 years ago?

How about the Maya Angelou quote;

“Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.”?

Whether you believe in a higher power or that science can and will explain all things, buckle up I’m about to “spread the love” and try to illustrate how science and philosophy have been saying the same thing ever since we hit Quantum pay-dirt all those years ago.

Side note: if you’re unfamiliar with the experiment in question you might want to check out a YouTube video or two before this article will make complete sense; however, I’ll take a shot at outlining the basics for you.

The experiment showed that light (energy; the stuff everything is made of) exists as both a particle with mass AND a wave-like emission, simultaneously.

Outline of concept for most readers (skip to the meme reference below if you’re already familiar);

In the experiment, scientists shot one of the base elements of the atom (the electron) at a barrier with 2 slits in it which had a “wall” behind it to show where the electron landed on the other side of the barrier.

In theory, the barrier should block the electrons from passing through when they weren’t aimed at one of the slits.

The idea was simple; they’d run the experiment, come back, and see a pattern that showed two lines comprised of the impact “dots” where the slits allowed the electron to pass through.

Spoiler alert; that is not what happened!

They found instead, a pattern that looked like something you’d see when measuring sound waves, showing “impacts” in bands across the entire surface past the barrier. (links; why that is and what it looks like when shown as light).

Do what?!? (Just wait! And don’t worry they felt the same way.)

Well, they assumed this was irrefutable evidence that light acts and is transmitted as a wavelength, like radio or sound waves, when getting from one place to another.

Hold up, that’s crazy talk!

Didn’t Einstein figure out that light/energy and matter are interchangeable (E=mc2)? If the building block of matter, the electron, is only a wavelength, how is it that “things” have mass?

Great questions, this is where you (or really the observer) comes in.

They ran the experiment again, but this time they tried to watch as the electron passed through the barrier and Ermehgerd!; the electron was blocked sporadically, at the point it “should” be blocked, and the two lines emerged!

That’s right, when they looked at it, it changed from being an “unmeasurable, array of possible potential” wavelength, to a single solitary “I am in this point in the array” particle.

Thus, all matter is BOTH a particle and a wavelength until we choose to observe it.

(Still struggling to get what that means? If the video you watched didn’t cover it, find one that goes over “Schrodinger’s cat”. Check out Quantum Mechanics for Dummies for a complete rundown of all concepts but be warned the term dummy is very misleading, this broke science in such a way (how micro and macro physics follow a different set of “rules”) and the debate wages on, with several competing theories at odds at the time of this post.)


“…. what’s it all mean”, right? Talk about a reformation of the old “if a tree falls in the woods does it make a sound” question.

If your head literally hurts when you try to think through this and imagine it fully, that feeling is called cognitive-dissonance and it’s the not pleasurable feeling we get when we try to hold two opposing ideas in our mind at the same time.

The good news is that feeling is the apex of enlightenment because, as you can see, reality is far from black and white, good and evil, up and down.

Now to link the two thoughts from the start of this post;

Maya Angelou was saying that love is the “wave-length” of all possible outcomes, the potentiality of where that electron could be, and we shape reality when we dare to believe (hope) that at the moment we choose to observe it the electron is positioned beyond any barriers that have been set in front of it.

Love is the backdrop and the potential from which all thought (and fear) emerges and matter is made manifest.

Scientists call this field the quantum vacuum.

Boom, science meet your long lost cousin spirituality!

There is more to unravel and explain but do yourself a favor and familiarize yourself with these concepts (talking to both here, believers and scientists alike).

The realization and belief in your untapped full potential as an active participant in the creation of reality will aid you on your journey of complete acceptance and self-love.

The only limitation to mankind lies in our belief in the fact that we have any limitations at all.

Where each of us is, and where we are collectively, in our understanding of our limitation is perfect and is the underlying reason we’re all here.

Love all the mistakes, inner and outer, as much as the successes because without one or the other they both remain just a theory, a calculation of probability.

It’s our choice to observe any of it which makes all of it possible.

All parts, light and dark, must exist as an aspect of the whole for you to even be reading this post right now.

Embrace and accept all that is to get in touch with love’s full array of possibilities.

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