Vampires, A.I., and Zombies; Oh My! What these “villains” have in common and what it says about our humanity

Come on admit it with me, you liked those Twilight books or True Blood when they were popular too. Oh, and the Walking Dead! How good is that show? (I’m a little behind so no spoilers past season 5? season 4? I’ve been avoiding all Glenn related talk….just no spoilers please!)

At first glance these three antagonists don’t seem to have much in common other than some might classify them as “un-dead”.

Side note: if you’re stumped on an example of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) as a bad guy, think The Matrix or Terminator (also, have you heard the theory those are based off the same original plot!? Crazy, right? I suppose that’s a different blog entirely…)

Do you know someone who swears that technology is going to let them live forever, either through some form of swapping brains with a clone or downloading their consciousness into a computer?

If something like that was a viable option today, would you want to live forever?

I’ll admit there were times in my life I would’ve given a resounding “YES” to that question.

I think this desire manifests from the insatiable thirst we’re born with to be and know everything, in this short life.  At the same time we comprehend how monstrous this feeling is, basically saying I want to eventually attain attributes usually associated with gods, such as omnipotence, omnipresence, and so on.

When we’re resting in that place of ultimate desire, the place where we want to be at the “top of the pile”, it’s easy to see how many inner-battles the Ego is winning.

The battle I speak of being the one between our sense of separateness and connectedness with the universe outside of our thoughts and dreams.

Not sure what I mean? How about a boxing metaphor?

Let’s introduce the contenders…

In this corner; weighing in as “the self” or “me and mine”; expressing himself through varying degrees of identification with all things observed “out there”;

You know him as (some combination of); “my car”, “my house”, “my universe”, “my status”;

Your Ego!

And in this corner; armed with the notion that status, physical appearance, and one’s conceptual identification with the forms that carry such properties is in fact mankind’s weakness, not our strength;

He’s the “I AM” that was and always will be;

Your Soul!

Michael Buffer anouncing into microphone

…call it what you will, we all get a sense that there is a real battle underway inside each of us and it’s the main factor driving our choices at any given point.

This battle can become so painful we may actively choose to ignore it all together. It’s actually quite normal for some to attempt to snuff out the light, go as unconscious as possible, and hope it all gets easier when we wake up in the future.

Be warned, this is a major aspect of the ego’s “self-driving” mechanism. It’s how our more primal instincts get the upper hand and we find ourselves with leaders who speak to our baser desires (and fears).portrait of beautiful young woman over white background

So, what are all these popular external antagonists trying to tell us about our internal battle?

They all illustrate that any effort to eliminate the element which makes love’s perception possible, the fear of death, quickly leads to an environment where we’re forced to feed on our own mortality to sustain an illusion based sense of immortality.

“You can’t be told what The Matrix is, you have to see it for yourself”

The idea that death is something we have to conquer is the control center of the matrix, the ego’s primary weapon in the internal struggle for control.

Break free from the ill-informed and widely accepted concept that you’re (only) a separate individual being.

Embrace the fact that science gives us clear laws that state the complete opposite; Everything Is Connected!

Laws and principles like;

  • “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”
  • “Time and Space are relative to the observer”, and
  • “Quantum Entanglement”
Click here to sample my broad philosophical statement regarding reality based on our interconnectedness; Please comment if you want me to break it down or discuss further!

Our misunderstanding is easy to comprehend and extremely difficult to conceptualize seeing as how this reality is made manifest at the paradoxical intersection where a singular consciousness interacts with itself as a separate (or what we may say is “illusory”) individual expression of the whole.

  • Simply put; Our shared reality is an interconnected dance, not a war.

All it takes to see the dance from the universal aspect of love is complete acceptance of each of the parts as an equally important piece of the whole.

That starts by loving yourself enough to realize and let go when you’re;

  • Picking a side; through Judgement
  • Trying to declare victory; through Condemnation, and;
  • [Possibly the source of most pain] Attempting to avoid losses; through Attachment

All that’s left when we reach a place of complete acceptance is to sit back, be present, grab some popcorn, and enjoy the show!

… now about this Matrix and Terminator were the same script idea thing…

night television tv video

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