The Source: How Understanding Can Change Everything (or at least avoid Resentment)

“Hey Mister, where do babies come from?”,”What are hotdogs made of?”, “why does our president…”

Ok now that I have your attention;

Disclaimer: This post won’t be nearly as awkward as any of that but I’m aware it may sound “preachy” by how my “certainty” of the topic might come across. Please keep in mind (as a reiteration of my About) that what you read is always my truth, based solely on my consequential knowledge of the moment, and is in no way meant to imply a need for it to become yours or even that we discuss it. 

If you feel anything but supported, and equal, at any point please let me know your thoughts and ideas on how I might convey the above message more clearly.

Also, this post may sound contradictory at times because of the paradoxical nature behind our feelings surrounding all form. Meaning, when it comes to the form (of someone or something out in the world) we find and fall in love with; we do so with it as it is now.

Paradoxically, the truth is that what we love is precious and sacred to us by the knowledge it isn’t always going to come in that particular form (e.g. a puppy becomes a full grown dog, a child becomes an adult, and all things return to dust, in the end).

… please consider yourself warned loved.

That said, prepare yourself for another round of introspective questioning;

The Matrix _DivX_ 280_0001Do you think you give freely?

Do you afford others your time, money, or hard work readily and with no unwarranted expectations?’

Are you sure about that?

Do you think you “made it” from nothing or completely “on your own”?

Do you feel like everyone has extremely high expectations of you but you’re really not sure because you’re too afraid to let them down to find out?

Ok enough about you, let’s talk about us as a whole;

When a carpenter builds a house does he create the lumber or even the trees the lumber is made from?

Do the trees care whether they stay a tree or become a house, or do we project these feelings onto them?

What came first has a real impact on why we may feel we’re owed, entitled to, or that we owe anyone… anything.

Do you think it’s possible we project these feelings onto people like we might project our feelings onto the trees, and because we do this we assume everyone is doing it to us?

Most of us actively try to avoid asking these questions because the answers either confound, leave us feeling unworthy, or leave us feeling like the world is in chaos. 

That fear of chaos is what insures we never allow ourselves to see how much better the world could be when we trust and give without expectation.

When we think people have expectations of us (without getting it in writing or having a pointed discussion about it, like in a work environment) the chances are it’s just like the feelings of whether the tree wants to become a house, it’s make believe, but our minds would have us consider that reality.

I posted this one before but I absolutely love this quote;

“It’s not about deserve, it’s about what you believe; and I believe in love.” – Wonder Woman

When we remember that we honestly don’t know for a fact where anything comes from originally, and that the form it takes (albeit primarily a telling reflection of your recent efforts) is only, for now, just a temporary statement along its journey from earth to form and back again…

You and I own nothing!

We’re borrowing everything, just like the eyes or ears you may be perceiving this message through right now, on a journey from wherever we came from and back again.

This may sound like nothing more than the following scene from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

…but I promise once you start to understand it, it can be an excellent resource for true understanding, a way to seek true humility, and calm the mental noise or anguish that arises when we mistake anything as “ours”.

With this knowledge we can all rest ourselves, and others, assured;

“It’s all going to be OK”

…because, whether today is the day or 100 years from now is the day, we’ll all be back where we started from, eventually.

Please just try to hold on…

….and maybe tomorrow will be the day that all this philosophical nonsense begins to make some weird kind of sense to you as well.

For what it’s worth, I’ve no doubt I’ve come to KNOW what joy is in my life because of how I was “blessed” with the particular and unique “suffering” that I was, and still will be.

But that’s just it, it’s all part of the beautiful dance we call life.

adult art ballerina ballet

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