The Journey Home: A [Long] Introduction to The God Paradox or Love Blindness

I know my last post said I was delayed but this woke me up in the middle of the night screaming to be heard ….

What you’re about to read has the potential to shift your reality as you know it.

I realize that’s an extremely bold statement; however, I’m confident if you stick with me you’ll see the enormity of what I’m attempting to convey in the “simplicity” of what follows.

That said, it’s probably as far from a simple process to grasp as one will ever find, but so worth the attempt.

In one of my previous posts I introduced the term “cognitive dissonance”.

In that post I stated that this phenomenon is both painful and the “seat of enlightenment”, the crux point where we’re truly able to get a feel for what each of us is  “made of”.

Want another sweet comparison of what you’re about to read to The Neverending Story?!

Click here (and I guess I should say SPOILER WARNING!)

[Sorry Microsoft Edge users if this ruins anything for you… I mean it has kinda been over 30 years so this is more of a formality really]


Remember the scene in whcb Bastian [above] begins to realize the story in the book is magically shifting and changing to include his thoughts as he reads it. This sensation at one point becomes so frightening he violently throws the book across the room and runs.

What you’re about to read may contain that level of cognitive dissonance for you.

Now, I’m not realistically saying if you stick it out until the end then you’ll wind up flying on the back of a luck dragon … but maybe….

rs_1024x433-170826142557-1024-dargons-falcor-082617So, if you think you’re up to the challenge, here we go.

Do you know who you truly are?

Have you ever cried tears of joy as you got a deep sense that you are so much more than the drama that unfolds in your daily life?

If so, then the following statement might be adequate enough for you to see where I’m headed with this;

“There’s a stark difference between knowledge and knowing and we’re all here to be the universal intersection that makes both possible”

Knowledge: is the outcome of logic, it’s our “never ending” cycle of thought following the step by step process of;

  • Observing and articulating patterns in the world
  • Discerning problematic scenarios (which all may ultimately lead to our death) based on these patterns, and;
  • Proposing a series of more complex patterns as solutions to these scenarios

Knowing: is simply feeling and the source of our emotion; in essence it’s the answer to the question; “how do you “know” that you love [insert person’s name]?”

As with light and dark, one cannot exist without the other; furthermore, neither exist without you (more precisely, the living observer, or “life”, through which this intersection is perceived).

“Knowledge is obtained when listening to the retelling of someone else’s story and knowing is the creation of your own”

This entanglement, this notion of separate and yet inseparable, is what the English language calls a paradox.

Our ability to comprehend paradoxes is the main thing that separates our mind from machines, or pure logic engines.

Total Nerd Side Note: In the popular video game Portal 2, a post-apocalyptic first person shooter style puzzle game, the landscape is ravaged by a war between man and machine, but before it all fell apart the scientists spelled out how to use our ability for paradox perception as a weapon.

Hilariously, these signs on walls throughout give examples of what I’m talking about…




Ok, I realize I may have lost a few of you because this is definitely “next level thinking” and not easy to follow but if so, hang with me I have a couple other metaphors that might help clear things up.

Ever pondered why we haven’t been able to find a full solution to the mathematical equation of Pi?

My hypothesis is simply that math is based on logic (like computers), thus will never be capable of truly encapsulating our paradoxical reality.

Mathematically speaking a circle is a paradox, in that it has no beginning, no ending, or any determinable true “constant”, for logic to bind to.

An [existing] circle has neither of those elements, technically.

Math and Science require a set point of observation, whereby there must always be a constant.

Thus, even though math seems able to capture the paradox of “infinity”, in that it attempts to accomplish this by expressing infinity in relation to some known constant (e.g. a starting variable plus or minus one continuing on forever).

Science has multiple laws that say there are a bunch of examples like circles that seem to support that divisive (or “this is it”) thinking falls apart when we it tries to use logic to force it apart.

When you think on a grand enough scale all matter in the universe is a circle, E=mc2 and “matter cannot be created or destroyed” all support a similar paradox.

It simply changes form…We see it as the flow of water in the precipitation cycle, the death and rebirth of the leaves on tress, and so on and so on.

We call it “the circle of life” for crying out loud!

We seem to have been under the misunderstanding for the past few hundred years that logic could get us out of anything.

Furthermore, our collective ego has leaned heavily on the scientific standard of “or” rather than “and” (i.e. True OR False) based logic to give credence to all the other divisive ways of viewing the world that cause terror, constructs such as “right and wrong”, “good and bad”, or that any one person’s life can be reduced down to these elements to absolve those in power of guilt when mitigating (or eradicating) people like objects.i-love-science

After all, science, in its current form, is presented as the pursuit of a purely objective, observer-independent, formulation, calculation, and verification of the universe.

If my tone in that sentence makes my heart sound contrary to the image that show “I LOVE SCIENCE”, please know that isn’t sarcasm I really do think science serves the purpose of falling more deeply in love with creation rather than serving this “all things are random” belief some make it out to be.

I just think, like everything, people’s egos have absconded with sound principles and twisted them in support of one agenda or another in order to raise and support the idea of separateness.

It’s my honest hope and belief that science is headed on a collision course (in the best possible since of the word) with its own enlightenment, where we somehow manage to bring humanity into the equations and assert fully that;

Life can’t be simplified down to a constant because… life is the only true constant.


Well, okay… I get that all of that “simplification” may have made things worse but, if you’re still like “what the hell is he talking about” it’s likely there were a few aspects that maybe are starting to sink in?

If not, rest assured my only intent is to communicate just how important you are, and that this world is a better place for having you in it.


It’s our direct link to the creation of existence, and our innate understanding of this fact, that leads us all to experience our inner-self as god-like because we are absolutely essential to the process.

Free will grants us the ability to choose what aspect of the universe we observe, or ignore. As it turns out, what we choose, as the object of our observation, is as equally important in the creation process as that which we choose to observe.

Now that I’ve explained how and why you are god-like in the creation of the universe let me fill you in on how we actually use our power, paradoxically what I coined as

The God Paradox (or Love Blindness)

There may be times in our lives where it seems necessary to act in service to, or in search of, aspects of our reality that rely on the choices of others instead of our own.

But you see, it is our most sacred power, the power to choose that grants us access to a choice between denial or acceptance of a particular reality as “real” to us, and us alone; however, when we search outside of ourselves the collective pain of the world seeks to have us delude ourselves as much as possible into thinking we have no choice at all.

❤ Moment of Outward Compassion <3: Always remember, each and every one of us, at any given point in time is doing the absolute best we can with the information we have available to us, if that wasn’t the case civilization would have collapsed under the weight of it’s own insanity way before it ever got to this point!

When the time comes when it seems easier to forget who and what you are, try to take a breath, silence your problem generator as much as possible, and listen for the silence that exists and enables all sound, or listen intently for anything calming; birds, streams, or laughter as far away as you can.

I promise, doing this (or whatever you find helps you relax in the moment) you’ll find an inner strength you had no idea existed and clarity of thought that will enable you to choose the best overall option, no matter how seemingly awful it may be to you personally, in that moment.

The problem making machine that seeks to have you feel all of the pain of tomorrow as tangible and real today, in an effort to help you avoid making the wrong choice, is blocking you from all the aspects of the true source of any “solution” in this moment.

So, as you slow the production engine at your inner problem factory, and become centered, you will begin to align with who and what you know yourself to be behind all that noise. As you do you can remember the you who feels pain, is actually separate from any pain.

Once you reach your inner “I AM” (the you who was always and always will be) you’ll see impossible truth for what it’s always been;

Love is the source of our god-like power of choice, and when we use that choice to advocate that love or free will doesn’t exist, either with our words or our actions, we’re making the default choice, to believe in fear, and in so doing we turn our only source of power over to the same elements that created the object of delusion which is blocking our access to the source to begin with

You can’t fight fear with more fear, nor pain by inflicting more pain. A fact our culture seems to be losing sight of more and more each day… come to think of it, I haven’t heard someone honestly say this gem in years…

two-wrongs-bulbsAs a matter of fact…. check out what google analytics just showed me as confirmation …


This illustrates my point beautifully, only love and acceptance of yourself and others for who you, and they, truly are right here, right now, has the power to break the pain cycle and begin the healing process.

What I just described is what some would call “getting lost in the story”; however, it also appears this is essential to nearly all of us, on our individual journey, or process, through which we convert knowledge to knowing and back again.

Wherever you are on your path is exactly where you need to be; love the pain for what it is teaching you.

Fear is the only thing telling you to do anything else.

yin and yang image

Acceptance helps us to connect with life as it’s true unbroken circular essence.

So you see, any individual point on our path (e.g. when we’re born, when we lose someone or someone new comes into our life, or even this moment as you read this) as viewed from the perspective of a small tick mark on our circular path can be accepted as necessary and unique to our individual understanding.

Remember, you’re always moving the same speed away from, and back to, the point you start from, regardless of where you are when you stop and look at the circle as a whole.

I’ve come to see birth, the moment we’re brought into this world as a unifying point on the circle where we’re all perfect and pure, knowing and feeling ourselves as coming from our true “home” and as we move through life we learn the parts of fear necessary for us to know the perfection and beauty of life as a rose, as viewed through the kaleidoscope of pain that keep the rose safe the short time it’s blossom beckons, and eventually the bloom fades and so does the pain… and maybe, just maybe, we get to do it all again…. but from a slightly different vantage point.

Words cannot describe the level of peace I feel daily knowing that everything I’ve been through in life, every mistake I’ve made, every injury I’ve suffered or caused, has all been exactly what I needed to reveal just how relevant and important each piece was, and is as I learn fully what it means …

…to come home.

clouds dark dark clouds dawn

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