Reality’s Russian Doll – An Enlightening Perspective of The Imperfect Human Layer

Did you ever play with a matryoshka doll, also known as a Russian nesting doll [shown in the photo above], when you were a kid?

If not here’s the quick run down (from Wikipedia);

matryoshka doll (RussianматрёшкаIPA: [mɐˈtrʲɵʂkə] (About this sound listen)), also known as a Russian nesting dollstacking dolls, or Russian dollis a set of wooden dolls of decreasing size placed one inside another.

These classic toys are a wonderful metaphor for my take on the perfectly balanced dance happening in the universe and how it appears most of us can remain logical (save for a few outlier groups) and come to a large consensus surrounding the ideas we have about most of the layers(dolls) involved, except for one layer that seems to be causing most of the trouble.

Theories and laws abound to illustrate how a universe that seems only capable of destruction, and hellbent on our death, contains equal and opposite forces at play on all levels.

Let me set the stage one layer/doll at a time.

Side note: I may seem to skip a few layers here and there that undoubtedly fall in between some of these; but this is a blog, so science buffs, please forgive “that the model isn’t to scale”.

image back to the future Doc brown apologizing to Marty Mcfly about his model not being to scale

From the largest “doll” to the smallest;

  • The Universe
    • Theories abound on this layer about how we seem to be miraculously defying the second law of thermodynamics (commonly known as: entropy) where we’re expanding and at the same time not coming apart at the seams
    • Some tasty mind morsels (Perspective:[Run time] – Link);
  • Our Planet
    • This is yet another place where the classic kids story of “Goldilocks” keeps being mentioned to describe just how perfect the conditions are on this rock
    • When one aspect of this layer dies, evolves, or just gives off what could cause total annihilation of all life, another grabs the baton and says “thanks! I need that to live” and we continue to… ya know …. not all die
  • Living Organisms (which includes humans)
    • This is the layer I want to look at more fully, so we’ll skip this one for now.
  • Cells
    • These tiny self contained “micro-universes” work with each other in awe inspiring ways that we still aren’t anywhere close to comprehending how they do it (e.g. brain cells ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)
  • Atoms
    • I don’t think I need to go into detail about how perfectly the balance is noted in this layer all throughout science; from polarity in Classic Physics to all the amazingly yin-yang like qualities found in Quantum Mechanics

Fragment of a hedge of twisted branches

My hope in outlining this layering of perfectly balanced environments is to set the stage for our discussion around our misguided belief that our intellect is complete and adequate enough to fully comprehend which things are “good” or “bad”.

Thus, enable us examine more closely how we seem to royally screw things up when we assert our judgement, or will, surrounding the conservation or eradication of these individual aspects of the whole, respectively.

The Human Layer, Separate and Inseparable

Here we are, we’ve pulled the doll completely apart.

After staring long and hard at the smallest one that we can’t seem to pull apart, we keep coming back to this “human” doll.

You know, the one that has a smiling face on one side and a frowning face on the other.


We seem unable to accept the balance of all the parts that make up this beautiful creature as “necessary” and we long to take out the paint thinner and wipe away the frowning side entirely, in an attempt to assert we have what it takes to assure ourselves “our doll” will just always be smiling.

Click Here for a possibly controversial comment about religion (I try to stay away from these so please, be nice if you click this, but please let me know your thoughts in the comments

This “all smile and no frown” ideology is what I think many religions may be leaning on through various, and numerous, well meaning attempts to “fix” our metaphorical “doll”, and it’s in that regard many may be understanding a particular line in the Biblical “Lord’s Prayer”.

There may be quite a few people who hear “On earth as it is in heaven” and think to themselves; “It’s time to get out the paint thinner”

When we talk about this childlike viewpoint of trying to make our doll seem more “at peace” because it doesn’t reflect any of the darker aspects of us; we’re able to speak openly about how these childlike ideologies may not be so far off from the way we try to handle our daily lives.

Now, let’s compare the two as we intersperse the metaphor more fully;

blur close up focus gavel

Whenever we look at most things (inside or outside of ourselves) we seem hardwired with a need to lay our judgement upon it (again I’m not talking about recognizing a thing’s “magnetic polarity”  as an innocuous classification of “positive” or “negative”; I mean judging it worthy of existence).

When we do this we’re letting the inner child (our ego) take over and we proceed in the exact same way, we make three choices in rapid succession;

  1. This first one was made upon entry of this cycle; we identified an aspect, a particular sub-cycle of life, that is exposing a particular version of our frown we want to remove
  • Basically anytime we decide to pull out the paint thinner
  • On the small scale we might say to ourselves; “It’s time for me to just be happy”
  1. Then we pick the side of the thing that is naturally in a state of balance, well before we come along, and we determine that element to be a quintessential aspect, personally or collectively, of our frowning side
  • We think something like; “for me to be happy this thing has got to go!”
  • For example; racism, gender bias, the 1%, etc., etc.
  1. At this point, we choose violence (it all begins right here, inward or outward facing); by deciding to exert large amounts of our time and energy on applying an “abrasive solution” to the surface of our doll
  • …but it’s always in an attempt to get it to go away, or eradicate it, completely

Side Note 2: This is what some mean when they refer to the word “suffering”.

toddler with red adidas sweat shirt

  • We tend to fully lose ourselves in this step
  • We grow exhausted and angry
  • We say things like;
    • “It seems no matter how hard we try or how many people we convince to join us in the fight to abolish [insert name of the cause] it just keeps staring back at us…”
    • “…and I’d swear… the face just keeps getting darker and more well defined!”
    • “Oh, the other (happy) side, what does it look like now?” you ask;
    • “hmm, I haven’t stopped long enough to even look…”
    • “Does anyone know if the other side is still there, what it looks like, or whether or not it faded away on its own after all this time?”
  • The pace of life seems to have us all moving so fast, so distracted by screens, and items that aim at “making us happy” (or at least frowning a little less) we forget to ask any of these questions.
  • Most importantly, we fail to recognize the inner-child (ego) who is creating AND answering throughout the entire dialogue
  • So most of us find ourselves making the fourth choice by default;
  1. Attempting to rid ourselves of that persistent frown
  • By whatever means necessary;
  • ….for as long as it takes…

We all seem so hellbent on condemning all those who, out of a hatred base mode of operation, find it necessary to commit terrible acts of violence and crime.

All while, failing to realize we’re key contributors to the parameters of that hatre based state of being when we try combat other’s hate (or the fear they feel underneath) with even more hate and fear.

The moment we condemn others for acting a certain way is the very moment we violently decide to try and wipe away that little doll’s frown.

This might have been a painful process to follow but remember, to feel any similar condemnation for yourself for being a part of this cycle in any way, is just more of the same.

It’s all paradoxically perfect…

girl in pink jacket on wooden bridge in the forest

[which yes, in fact, even this cycle is a part of the ever evolving interconnected dance because it’s a part of it!]

Failure to realize how perfect it is, just add more fear and hate into the cycle, starts the whole thing over again.

If I lost you, it’s okay, this is the most difficult and confusing part about acceptance.

Like I seem to always say;

Love yourself first by remembering when there’s a “frowning side” staring back at you in the mirror; it’s exactly where it needs to be.

Maybe this morning you feel sad, scared, or alone but that means you’ll know more deeply what joy, safety, and connectedness feel like tomorrow …

Two sad teens embracing at bedroom

… what I usually find whenever I let it [my frown] be just the way it is, it seems like only minutes, or even seconds, later I feel it pass all on it’s own.

Use love as a verb on all the parts of yourself that make it hard to feel love as a noun, and I promise;

Your frowns and your smiles will learn to coexist all on their own, and you’ll spend a whole lot less energy on any well meaning attempts to…turn that frown upside down

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