Don’t Believe The Hype – Where We’ve Been Doesn’t Have To Restrict How Far We Go

Most are familiar with the Henry Ford quote;

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”

If you haven’t seen it before I recommend not blowing past it, take a second to reflect on the wisdom behind it.

It’s equally empowering and frightening but can be a source of clarity when we find ourselves worrying about what other people think about us.

The truth Mr. Ford was trying to assert, for those like myself who find ourselves in a place of external identification more than we like to think, is;

Whether or not the world believes in us will always be secondary to whether or not we believe in ourselves

That’s some deep sh**.

Getting wrapped up in how a particular person or group may perceive us or our abilities is tantamount to hanging our self-esteem on whether the neighbor’s dog likes us. No joke.


Perception IS Reality

Every human being is a culmination of their specific past set of circumstances.

Each of us builds our unique understanding of the world on a wildly different set of experiences, comparing and contrasting new information with the old.

This fact places a filter on the way each of us sees reality and it’s why I say;

“it’s never what you see, it’s always how you see it”

It’s impossible for any of us to know exactly what another person sees when they look at the world.

Each of us can only know, with certainty, how we feel, think, react, or generally cope  with all life throws at us.

Where Our Treasure Lies


With that out of the way, there is another hurdle to overcome and that’s our internal identification with this or that as our “gateway to happiness”.

When we base our sense of worth solely on material wealth, the possessions or comfort level we’ve been able to acquire, or how capable we are at a particular task…


None of us are ever “good enough” based on that criteria, ever!!

…for two, easy to understand but hard to “grasp”, reasons

  1. Things of that nature are subject to the same temporal, always fleeting, rules that govern this world
    • i.e. nothing is permanent, so why do we suppose our happiness will be when we get these things?
  2. The part of us that’s designed by, and maintains our feeling of desire, has no desire to obtain or manifest anything real in this world…
    • Our ego simply wants us to always be wanting!

That means, if you’re thinking the nagging feeling of “not good enough” will go away when you cross a specific threshold of wealth or power, think again.

The ego can be a wonderful thing if we stop conflating its metaphysical purpose with the physical feeling of gratification.

What and Why The Ego Is

The ego is a reflection of the universe’s desire for continuous expansion.


It’s the reason we’ve survived as a species this long; had we not been created with a desire to grow and expand, procreation would’ve halted before round one.

Think of it like this, our ego is a manipulative essence that desires nothing other than our improvement, development, and an insatiable hunger to be the best we can in order to manifest the most favorable conditions for our survival.

However, when this general desire for expansion is confused with a specific desire to be with someone or “have” one thing over another, we’re disappointed almost immediately the moment we reach our goal because we misunderstand what is driving us in the first place.

donkey-carrot-stickThe ego is the part of us that affixes the proverbial stick to our donkey’s back (shown in the image) as in the old metaphor.

The ego doesn’t care if we ever actually get fed, there’s other subsystems in charge of that, it just wants us to keep moving based on a typically erroneous sense of scarcity.

More importantly, never forget the second part this metaphor states;

The plan is simple; all stick, no carrot!

The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves

If the ego were to ever actually give us the carrot he’d fail, we’d stop moving.

What seems even more insane is when many of us actually get a taste we immediately fall prey to the fear that it was “the wrong carrot”, or it only teased our appetite further, so we move on to the next goal.

dollarsWe just continue to move the needle higher and higher, trying to reach the next “mirage” of happiness.

Again, the ego relies on our fear of lack and the sense of scarcity to fuel the drive to become, achieve, or “own” more and more.

To recap, either we beat ourselves up for;

  • Never reaching our goals, or;
  • Reaching the wrong goals

Either way the ego gets what he really wants, fear.

No one is ever good enough when we continue to bet on a culture based on control, telling how others should feel, think, and act in order to reduce our fears.

Our current culture prefers we stay blind to the undeniable fact that there is only one reality, whether we agree it’s “right” or not, and based on this fact, it’s beautiful and perfect… by default.

The second we begin to realize abundance is far more “real” than scarcity the ego is rendered inert.

At that point fear leaves us completely and all that remains is love.

ground-squirrelPlease try to remove the blinders, look around, and realize the freedom to go in whatever direction at whatever pace you please has been yours for the taking your whole life.

Salvation may or may not be real after a well meaning life or through a set of rules and dicta followed to the letter, but it certainly doesn’t exist at the end of a stick….

As Anita Moorjani says, “Heaven is a state of being” and it’s lovingly waiting for all of us to wake up and take part.

Tap into the power player your inner “I am” is, in the entirety of creation as a whole, and reveal the limitless potential our ego is afraid to let any of us dare to dream could ever be a possibility.

We’re only limited when we place all our faith in the limitation of what is known


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