The Trinity – All Good Things Come In Threes, Right?

This one might be a scary post for some as I finally stop tip-toeing around the belief structure that I was raised in and the majority of the world follows; Christianity.

Most who read this are likely to have had some interaction with the term “Trinity” as it relates to Christianity at some point in your life.

football players lined upHowever, just in case you find yourself where I was for the majority of my life, with a vague understanding of the players while struggling to grasp how it directly relates to you and your daily life… please allow me a moment to outline my understanding from a mostly Methodist with some Baptist and little Non-denom’ background…

The One Christ

One quick pause to clarify the word Christ before we dig in.

This translation was something that always seemed widely sidestepped to me surrounding the myriad of Biblical translations available;

Christ, as a quick google search will back me up on, translates roughly one of two ways;

  • In Greek it means anointed
    • i.e. chosen by a higher power for a specific purpose
  • In Hebrew it means messiah (off the former mashiach)
    • i.e. what most tend to colloquially refer to as savior

That said, reserving the word for one person seemed counter intuitive to the message on which the theology is predicated and I think that contradiction is how the following three players arise.

Simply stated: The Trinity is comprised of three not-of-this-world forces at the helm of all creation;


  1. God
    • Heavenly Father implicating singular or One
  2. Jesus the Christ
    • Demigod offspring between humanity and God
  3. Holy Spirit (or our in-dwelling Christ essence)
    • An individual’s direct connection to God

[Perhaps I misused the word “simply”]

Thanks For That…

I say all of this to lay the foundation of how this, for the most part, is aligned with all understandings of how this universe is created; from the scientific ideologies building  around the field of Quantum Mechanics to the philosophical theology of a qualia based universe.

[see Deepak Chopra’s book You Are The Universe for more on the very compelling latter understanding]

To break it down to something that might make some kind of sense to those who aren’t trying to read all that noise or dig into an understanding around how atoms work.

It’s like this…

There are two ways to look at life, creation, and the universe;

  • Everything is separate, singular, distinct, and measurable
    • You are not me and I’m not you
    • Light does exist without dark we just don’t have a way to measure it where one doesn’t rely on the other… yet
  • Everything is interconnected, one, or whole
    • Your thoughts and actions have a direct, albeit possibly imperceptible, impact on me and mine on you
    • Light truly doesn’t exist without dark because we aren’t capable of observing it otherwise

silhouette-high-fiveNow I bet you’re thinking “I know which side of the line this guy falls on” and you’d be the same amount of right (or wrong) we all are at all times…. just half (50%)!

You see, I believe in paradox, I believe in perspective. I guess one might say I believe in both …

However, “both” doesn’t fully encapsulate the underlying principle of; at the same time and not fully one,  the other, nor able to fully be stated as “all three”.

…remember the Portal 2 poster that asks “does a set including all sets, include itself?”?

Paradoxical Freedom

If this seems totally insane or hard to grasp you truly might want to take some of your free time and dig into the science of quantum mechanics.

I call that field of science God’s breadcrumbs because it starts to unravel the foundational understanding we’re born with of this OR that and helps us to begin to realize that reality isn’t just what we experience with our 5 senses.

yin-questions[Nerd Throwdown Side Note]: For those who don’t see quantum mechanics “that way”, I surmise you haven’t checked up on what this science unveiled in the spiritual lives of guys like Erwin Schrödinger and, Einstein’s main-man, Niels Bohr. I highly recommend looking into it. Those guys were figuring out way more than mathematical equations.

Perhaps you see where I’m headed but maybe you’re like “get to the point” or “what does any of this have to do with the Trinity?”….

In case you missed it, the number three did pop it’s head up …


  1. Separate
  2. Inseparable
  3. Both at the same time

That is a Trinity for sure, and it sums up my understanding of what makes this universe the miraculously unfolding mystery that it is.

We’re one, but we’re not the same

Said another way; You are you and you’re not me but at the same time we’re interacting in, and coming to an unspoken agreement on, what the world outside of our minds looks, feels, sounds, tastes, and smells like.

In terms of consciousness (or one could even extend it to reality) there’s;

  1. The Individual
  2. The Collective, and;
  3. The One Unified (or both at the same time)
    • i.e. The “backdrop” on which the other two get the opportunity to emerge from

person-confused-little-girlThis might be another one of those posts like the previous one about quantum mechanics and relegated to the realm of “over your head” and if so it’s possible I’m even more thankful to you for sticking it out this far.

Either way the truth is only true in whatever and however way you see it.

The Truth Is Out There

In the essence of self-love and devotion that this blog is, there is no greater expression of love than peeling back all the lies we tell ourselves..

Never stop seeking your truth, and try never to doubt that it’s love (or the backdrop of all creation) that makes everyone’s, collective and individual, search possible.

There is no greater act of self-love than remaining steadfast in the search of one’s personal sense of truth amidst the torrent of ideas and expressions of what others have found to be true


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