Victory Over Villainy – First Steps Toward Expelling The Victim Mentality

  • “Can you believe people actually get away with that?!”
  • “There needs to be better laws in place to protect us from this evil [entity] that seeks to rid us of our freedoms and take away our [noun]”
  • “How can anyone deal with such tyranny?”

Any of that sound familiar?

If you’ve spent anytime on social media, it should. 

People leap at the chance to be outraged by this or that, at the drop of a hat.

Any thoughts on why this seems so prevalent, especially now?

Do you find yourself jumping aboard the emotional roller coaster more often than you once knew yourself prone to being?

Evil And Villains Exist IRL … Maybe, Maybe Not

When was the last time you did something out of pure unadulterated malice?

black-and-whiteHave you ever done anything in your life where your goal was solely to inflict suffering on another human being or another living thing? (this is not one of those times where I’m looking for feedback in the comments, just asking you to look deep…)

Think beyond the acts where you were trying to get “through” or “around” someone or something and things went south, by this I mean something you’ve done or been apart of where the only explicit goal was to see death and torture brought into our collective existence…

I can almost hear some of you gasping saying something like; “what the hell is this guy accusing me of” or maybe even, “has anybody ran a background check on this dude?”

I’m absolutely not saying that there aren’t things where atonement for wrong doing is extremely warranted.

I’m mostly asking you to think about how you’re no where near capable of the atrocity we seem obsessed with centering our attentions on these days.

In that same regard I highly doubt any of us have actually ever met anyone so deeply disturbed to be able to see ALL the adjacent consequences, are self aware enough to not be going on feeling, and who use this vast superior intellect and forethought for just the point of doing wrong or inflicting pain, it just doesn’t stand the test of logic from where I’m sitting.

wizard of oz black and whiteDon’t Adjust Your Televisions, This Is Life In Full Technicolor; Bye Bye Black And White

More often than not when we use our immense power of pattern recognition in service of ferreting out the ways people “actively choose’ to bring suffering into this world, as opposed to expanding our hearts and minds with compassion and understanding through seeking an equally reasonable truth from the opposite perspective, we do so in service of the little “me” or “I” inside all of us.

It goes by many names but usually most call it the ego.

This devilish feature of our psyche was once intended to be used mainly as a force for growth , a “let’s think for a moment before acting, just how this can benefit me” in order to have us forge ahead and contribute in whatever way we could in order to insure the survival of our genetic code.

Unfortunately, since we no longer carry the factual burden of cooperation to avoid the possibility of being thrown out into the actual cold and perilous night, it’s now simply that little voice in our heads that pops up at the most inopportune moments to dictate that two things happen;illustration-torture

  1. We’re to do whatever is in our power to appear to be just an innocent bystander in all the action of the world whirling around us, assuring we’re never to blame and  always be held harmless for the awfulness it’s built to seek out
  2. Destroy any hope we have of ever being able to affect real change for good in the world by quietly and relentlessly using our sense of guilt and shame as weapons to draw out all the ways we were in fact at least partially responsible for the circumstance we find ourselves in
    • All of this while operating under the guise of wanting us to “learn from it”, forcing us to relive awful events over and over, based on our black and white ideas of “good” so it “never has to happen again to us or anyone”

Now does that sound familiar?  … at least a little bit

“Evict Your Inner Roommate”

man and woman disolvingI’ve cited his book more than once but this title is a direct quote from Michael Singer’s book The Untethered Soul but if you missed it before, or this is the first you’re being introduced to it, I’d highly recommend you do yourself the favor and pick it up.

It’s truly unbelievable how mean, violent, and unforgiving we can be with ourselves.

It’s absolutely no wonder we’re desperately searching for some small way to alleviate our inner dialogue, by trying to make it an external one, through fault finding and blame hunting of the carelessness of others.

There is good news, we are able to change the tide of fear and hopelessness that’s building the cultural walls higher and higher every day, but it’s only possible through each of us putting in a real and pointed effort into being kinder …

….to ourselves.

mirroring-introspectionPlease start today, start by looking as far back or at whatever seemingly-insignificant-to-the-whole aspect you need to, just begin thanking that beautiful person starring back at you in the mirror in the morning for all the light and wonder you help to make possible each and every day.

I know it’s hard to take that first step, the unthinkable amount of fear of what might be looking back at us if we really slowed down long enough and attempt to assess just how far out of love we’ve fallen with ourselves, I promise you, it’s not a part of the story that I’m particularly proud of but I really know how hard that first step is… but I’d have it no other way.

We’re only able to reach the heights of our ability to love, free from expectation and any hint of needful clinging, once we’ve found the courage to plumb the deepest depths of our unexplored inner darkness

Don’t go… until you’re ready… but I promise you’ll see it isn’t anywhere close to as bad as of our egos would have us believe it is.

You’re absolutely perfect right where you are…

… once you start to grasp the full truth behind that statement you’ll begin to understand exactly how well equipped, any and all of us are, to handle whatever the world, or our egos, can ever hope to throw at us.


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