One Nation – Seen Yet Invisible And Illusive Beyond Measure

It’s incredible to me how filled with choices this life is, everyday.

Even more amazing is how there seems to be a single choice that’s capable of delivering the largest impact on our lives and equally able to go completely unnoticed at the point at which we actually render a decision…

Would you agree nearly all of us would like to believe we possess true power, that we are the masters of our domain, true creators of our own fate, and capable of materializing any one of the innumerable ideas bouncing around in our heads the moment we render a verdict as to which of them actually originated from within us versus being the result of some sort of conditioning?

Well, as usual, if you said yes or no; you are unequivocally, positively, ….

… exactly (half) right.


You see, alongside the choice I mentioned above, there is another glaringly simple and yet immensely overly complicated aspect of our existence that we seem built to want to remain oblivious to, and that’s balance.

Struggling To Just Stand Upright

I often crack open my dictionary seeking insight as to how such simple concepts seem to garner so much debate, and balance is absolutely no exception.

It’s one of the aspects of our lives that has two very easy to understand definitions which lead to our knowledge but take an entire lifetime to insert themselves into our belief structure and emerge as true knowing.

Those definitions come in some version of the following;

  1. Physical equilibrium
    • The ability to remain upright
    • The stability achieved by even distribution of weight on each side of a vertical axis
  2. Equipoise between contrasting, opposing, or interacting elements
    • A desire, inherent ability, or propensity of all things to seek a middle point between two completely contradictory forces or attributes

question-stickmanNow you may be thinking; “Fantastic; we know all of that, but how is it so “glaringly obvious” that it’s the most ignored aspect of life and what was this choice you left us hanging on in the beginning?”

I’m so glad you ask.

Go On, Get On With It Already

The simple truth is that when we seek to identify, align with, or somehow lay judgement upon this or that as good or bad (e.g. better or worse) we’re seeking to obfuscate our understanding of the true order at work (or balance) through our innate desire to create more of the good and diminish the bad.

comic-characters-adam-eveGood and bad, right and wrong, even light and dark, exist only in our minds and by this assertion are no more real or less real than anything else.

All things are equal, simply flowing from high to low and back again; perfectly and miraculously in balance and harmony.

Yet somehow we all contain this inherent need, an unquenchable thirst, for an understanding of our own identification with a one or more aspects of the whole that constitute ME or are are in some small way an answer to the question of; “who am I?”.

Hopefully you’re beginning to see that it’s this quest, this insatiable hunger that’s the origin of the single largest unified nation on earth.

It’s that which nearly all of us are natural born citizens of and most have no idea that other “states” exist… and that’s;


[BOOM! Didn’t see the basis for that dad joke coming did you?!

“What’s the worst nation in the world?”, “condemnation”… is this thing on??]interviewer

All jokes aside, if you’re still unclear on the choice I was alluding to in the opening, it’s the choice to;

  • Let go
  • Stop asking “how can I be certain that’s who I am?” and start asking “who, or what, is the being/essence that’s asking these questions?”
  • Stop looking out at a universe that’s barely more than a reflection staring back at us in a mirror and expecting it to tell us the answer to a question we were born knowing the answer to

It’s the choice to finally accept that you’re the most important, most powerful, most beautiful, most sacred thing that ever was and will be … in your own special, and uniquely wonderful, experiential universe.

Isn’t the choice obvious when we see it as a fear of falling in love with ourselves, that horrific idea that we might lose ourselves if we shed the childlike need to prove to other people who we are, that it really was/is in the first place?

They’re All Just Cars Passing Us On The Highway

blur of tail lights from the night skyI have no idea if anything I just said makes any sense or if you’re like “that’s awesome you think that, but it’s just not how I see things” and that’s completely understandable and perfect in its own way.

Our minds would have us believe that the interstate highway of thought that exists in our heads contains one specific car we’re supposed to be in.

However, the highway is already completely bustling with cars whizzing around at top speed which were that way long before we even had the chance to realize we were going anywhere.

Please start to realize you don’t need to keep trying to walk into rush hour traffic looking to stop or somehow board the car that was “meant for you”.

The highway only exists for, and because of, you, and there’s no need to get into any one car because none of them are real or… you’re ALL of them!

stock-exchangeIt’s up to you, the choice is yours.

Would you rather stay trapped down on the stock market trading floor of life yelling “Buy! Buy! Sell! Sell! Sell!” or does it sound better to awaken to the real possibility that all that energy is simply a childlike musing based on the following;

When we understand it from the higher perspective, knowing the balance out there is a reflection and a result of the power within us (i.e. there is no observable universe without an observer choosing to observe), we start to appreciate fully that everything being bought and sold is in fact already all ours from the beginning

Good luck on your journey and thank you again for being, in some small way, with me on mine.

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