Balance As A Way Of Life – A Series On Learning To Let Go Through Seeking Our Source Code

In yesterday’s post I spoke to the understanding that our cultural need for judgement and condemnation is one of the major contributing factors of our collective suffering and unconsciousness.

It was brought to my attention that the post might have seemed a bit like an amalgam of several different insights (much obliged, even though my school project made it so we couldn’t discuss it fully, Thanks as usual Marquise!).

So, I’ve decided to turn this into a series surrounding conceptualization and internalization of the notion of balance in a much more complete way.

Part One;

The Cognitive Reasoning Of The Universe And Our Personal Relationship With It

It’s hard to deny that there is something happening outside of us that “just works”.

woman-staring-into-openessThere is a clearly observable layering of processes in play all around us, seen most closely in nature and more recently witnessed at the cosmic level as well.

The more we know the more we realize the whole and vastness of it far exceeds any of the few aspects we’ve been able to witness and quantify since leaving the dark ages

[ya know, from the point when we agreed, barring a few minor hiccups, not to give into our primal fears of the truly immense power we wield collectively, and again seek to destroy all records of what we seemed to have cobbled together… this time around.]

Who Am I? Yep That Question, Again

When we focus primarily on our external-identification-of-self it causes an imbalance from our ability to tap into the larger “intelligence” at work.

Through our desire to identify ourselves based on our individual sense of right-and-wrong or good-and-evil we begin to stagnate our development as we attempt to validate our inner understanding, as being better or worse than those around us, with the hope of solidifying our place in the collective cultural hierarchy (through attachment, our desire for comfort through seeking permanence, et al.).

chess-piecesThis idea of our station or level (that many base on the car we drive, the house we live in, the number of employees that rely on our talent, etc.) is equally as illusory as our collective reliance on the perception of time as a constant.

Unlike our largely impenetrable reliance on time as a constant, our inability to bring the illusion of the sense-of-self into our awareness hinders us in vastly greater, and arguably (pun intended) more measurably dangerous, ways.

It’s truly uncanny the level of “letting go” that starts to happen and have a positive impact on our lives simply by cultivating an intimate relationship with, and acceptance of, just how deep our attachment runs in connection with this purely externally derived idea of self.

Side note: Time as a constant: Did you think I’d just throw that out there and not…

Our current inability to “step out of time” is due to our foundational understanding of the physical universe.

It’s the basis of nearly every form of measurement that we have, since it was, by default, the most measurable and “agreeable constant” in the observable universe (e.g. people grow old and die, food spoils, etc.).

gothic-woman-holding-hour-glassSeeing as how reality is equally as reliant on the collective understanding, as it is our own, this renders an individual (mostly) powerless (for now?) in terms of having it yield based solely on one’s own inner conceptualized understanding and beliefs about it.

Thus, we’re far more likely to see results from focusing on our conceptualization and internalizing our understanding with the illusion of self than we are of trying to bend space, at the moment.

….If all of this seems daunting, please don’t sweat it.

As I mentioned I’ll be extending all of this in the days and weeks to come (please stay tuned).

Back To “Reality”

As we try to bring others into alignment with our ideas based on factors like wealth or prestige (or most notably religious and cultural alliances), based solely on the attempt to further ourselves through a reliance on our individual cognitive ability, we become out of balance with being able to tap into the larger level of organizational hierarchy and wisdom that enabled mankind to gain cognition in the first place.

office-hero-admired-by-colleagues-260nw-1065274622This approach to expansion, based on how much we can quantify as proof of our awesomeness or righteousness, blocks us from gaining access to recognizing and tapping into the real source of the inspiration that granted us an ability to create something new in the first place, seeing as how it’s a pure reliance on what has come before that point in time rather than focusing on the potential that still lies ahead.

Now some of you might be thinking, “oh here he goes with the spiritual la-de-da again” but I’d call your attention back to the inarguable natural balance and order that the universe is capable of achieving (without us), and ask you to seek something concrete contrary to a notion that some sort of higher level cognition is at play to allow for our continued survival…

Call it whatever you want, it’s happenin’ brah.

The Flow Of Energy

We’ve been able to make sense that at our core all of us are energy and most seem to agree that this energy cannot be truly created or destroyed.

That said, paradoxically we can conceptualize it and still fight the idea with every fiber of our being.

You see, the fact that we’re energy means one thing… it flows.

fall-foliageWe see it in osmosis, when salt goes from higher concentration to lower, we see it in electricity as lightening strikes the earth, we see it in the seasons as the earth beautifully regulates warming and cooling in cycles, but most of us be dammed when we’re told we can’t just be happy all. the. time!

I truly think it’s why Jesus popped back on the scene after age 30 (pause for gasps) and I think it’s why most of us “settle down” as we grow older.

Because the more times we see our cycles play out completely, we’re able to take comfort in realizing, and hopefully fall in love with, the inevitable fact that “this too shall pass” ALL things, including us, are exactly as they should be, at whatever point or state we find ourselves, when viewed from the circle as a whole, in the here and now.

I’ll end today’s on that wonderful high note.

That’s All For This Installment

Please, show some love in the comments if this had any impact on you or your day in any way.

I’ve been trying to “just give to the world”, and folks like Marquise have been keeping my spirits a float that it’s making a dent but I would absolutely cherish any hint that this is resonating with folks (likes or follows on wordpress maybe 😎 ).

Okay enough begging, it’s painfully unbecoming (oh hey, there is that ego we can’t perceive “the light” without…)

Oh there you are Peter!! – From the motion picture Hook 

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