Balance: Day 2 – Leaving The Orchard – An Apple’s [Long] Tale Of Letting Go

Day two of the series on Balance.

Just in case you missed yesterday (or I wasn’t 100% clear on the overall intention);

My hope is to gently introduce how we all tend to step out of alignment with the world around us as we focus more on being right, moral, or just; rather than simply seeking acceptance of the state of balance that surrounds us at all times.

An Apple Or An Orange: Which Is It? You Better Not Be Wrong!

We’re all such beautiful wondrous creatures, filled with thoughts, emotions, and aspirations, so where do we seem to lose the sense that it’s as it should be?

Somehow we lost touch with the notion that our will and that of the universe are one in the same.

apple-seedsAre the seeds of an apple not part of an apple because they “want” to break free of the succulent surroundings and start their own apple making facility?

Okay, that one is silly, that’s how apples procreate. They wouldn’t disown the seed for wanting to live up to its potential. [Stay with me now this is going to get a little strange but I’ll bring it back.]

So, since a seed is “meant to” become a strong apple reproducing tree, if the seed “chooses” to split open, become unable to germinate, and simply become feed for the birds, does it make sense then for the apple that carries the seed to be upset that it won’t go onto live up to its full potential?

What’s that? That’s equally as crazy you say?

To paraphrase a bit what you might be thinking at this point;

  • The seed is still fulfilling a key part of the full dynamic; playing it’s part in the expansion of all apple trees
  • Seeing as how the birds who eat the seeds carry them far and wide
  • It’s how apple trees don’t crowd each other and die off

Good point [that’s a very enlightened way of thinking about it, you rock]!

Wait though, what if one of the seeds is “special”, meaning it was somehow made with an extra sourness that doesn’t fit with the “apples this orchard has produced since it was founded”?

… starting to see how our idea of “who we are” gets in the way of just being what we were born to become?

Living Up To The Family Name

retro-photosIf that was little too weird and may have gone too far afield, let me spell it out another way;

When we identify ourselves as worthy or unworthy based on how we interact with the world around us, we immediately begin to lose the sense of the harmonious balance of the world we play an essential part in

Let’s run that same metaphor but let’s add in a bit more humanity.

This time, instead of the apple and its seeds let me introduce you to Ralph and his wife Emma.

petrol-stationsRalph is the proud owner of an auto repair business; Ralph and Sons.

It was given to him when his father, Ralph Sr., was ready to start living his sunset years.

Ralph and Emma are wonderful, loving, and as happy as can be most of the time.

Until one fateful day when Trey, Ralph the third, comes to them and says he has absolutely no desire to carry on fixing engines and servicing cars. He wants to pursue a dream of designing upscale apartment buildings.

I could go into how it causes Emma terrible pain at the thought of her son moving away, or how they had a relationship where Trey always said he wanted to take over the business, and on and on and on, but I won’t.

I hope it’s becoming clear that it’s our identification of self that binds us. It starts very very early and it’s the root of our adversarial relationship to the world or the universe or whatever you call the wholeness of the cycle.

Letting Go Starts With Loving Not Leaving

Many of us hear “let go” and we think “give up” and that couldn’t be farther from the essence of what it means.

To let go is to accept that the world, and you, are one

red-blood-cellsYou’re a magnificently unique and special cell in the body of a much much larger organism.

That may hit some as way to much “flower-in-her-hair speech” so here it is in scientific terms;

Every decision you make, every single one, has an impact on the world you interact with;

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction

It’s our choice to take the black or white, this-OR-that, approach that creates the sense of division in our minds which causes 99% of the suffering we see in the world.

ignorance-personifiedIronically, we see it as our intellect that is doing the dividing but really it’s just responding to the choice we give it to give credibility to some aspects of the whole and disregard others.

Again, this is made far more apparent when we make pronouncements such as;

“All that is a part of [insert organization or topic of debate] is evil and unjust, and shouldn’t be allowed to continue!!”

…thereby seeking it’s complete and immediate elimination and full disregard for it as a necessary aspect of the whole, in this moment.

What Am I Supposed To Just Throw My Hands In The Air!?

bull rearing backAh, that last remark probably got many folks hair raised and possibly yelling (internally) something like this;

“This is why letting go is wrong! We have to take a side! We need to define good and evil or tyranny will win!”

If so, please just breathe for a second and hear me out.

As you read this your existence, your essence, is largely focused on mental activity and as such it feels like it’s the all important creator of every aspect of reality.

Please try to relax and begin to think back on the apple example.

Does the apple seed need to worry about the tyranny of evil men to aspire to become a strong tree?

Not really, no… you say?? Okay good.

[Does this back and forth sound as crazy as I think it does? Please comment if you want to give me a hard time about it]

Try to remember;

Letting go isn’t about giving up the fight, it’s about realizing our yearning for conflict is based on a desire to see ourselves as separate from the whole in order to distance ourselves from the aspects we’ve deemed unacceptable for our reality

As we begin to let go of the concept that our existence, our presence, or our understanding is far more important than anything else out there….

….and start to imagine ourselves as being on equal footing with that little apple seed bouncing on the ground; we start to feel the calm that arises knowing;

If no one thing is more important than anything else, everything is equally of the utmost importance

Perhaps none of us need take up arms in quite the overt manner our understanding of “who we are” would have us believe.

Love Is The Answer; It’s Also The Question Being Asked

love.pngLove is what you are at your core and love is what decides what needs to go where, when.

Pain and fear are what dictate that it be otherwise.

When you love yourself completely you won’t have to worry about getting stuck in the mud and saying “since I’m letting go, I’m just going to sit in this mud and die”.

No, that would be an act of self loathing… unless you LOVE being in the mud!

When we relax into the fullness of knowing that we’re perfect it grants us thoughts like;

  • Every imperfection that is a part of the whole teaches us to understand what perfection is
  • Every choice we make gives something to the universe it wouldn’t have without us
  • We’re all capable of becoming whatever we want to become because whatever we want to become is exactly what we’re each “meant to be”

Once ideas like this start coming from inside of you rather than just idioms we recount while trying to reach a destination; we start to open up in previously unimaginable ways and an energy we never knew was possible fills our spirit.hands-holding-heart

We begin to fully embrace the idea that we should fall in love with ourselves first and let the world fall in love with us afterward (or rather completely indifferent to whether it does or not).

Loving yourself first isn’t hubris, it’s humility!

When you know you’re special and unique, while simultaneously realizing it’s no more so or less so than any other aspect of the whole, you can fully start to embrace all things are equal and then look around…

…and behold only limitless potential, wonder, and love trying to bust out of everyone you meet and everything you see.

That is the root, and main ingredient of all encompassing, true humility!


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