Fall In Love Completely With This Lock-And-Key Based Version Of Reality

My hope is to keep this one brief, but we’ll see how that goes.

I want to touch on how important on the cosmic level you, and all of us, are.

In the series from this week I mentioned how every choice you make is perfect and sacred, and I meant it.

Quantum Whatnow?

albert-einsteinOkay, so I don’t want to get too deep into the science, like I do, but I want to talk about how quantum entanglement proves what I mean by your choices being sacred.

What they’ve shown to be true at the sub-atomic level is that when we choose to perceive a certain element of a piece of an atom with some other element to measure the first, the two elicit a certain property, they become entangled.

Meaning the two separate units that are capable of being measured independently share something that, when altered on one, the other shows the exact opposite, no matter the distance.

Let me say it with something as a point of reference; say you’re measuring the clockwise spin of an electron on one atom and then you use another electron that has the opposite spin to make the first start spinning counter-clockwise.

Well, the second electron is now spinning clockwise as a result.

Where the entanglement kicks in is that when the two are taken any distance away and reversed again … the other electron flips back at the exact same time, with absolutely no time delay. Thus it’s the only thing we know of that’s faster than the speed of light.

Six Degrees Is Too Low For Most, But You Are In Fact Connected To Kevin Bacon

kevin bacon surprised faceWhat that means is that we all form a web of choices that’s interconnected between all of us.

No matter where you are in the world, no matter how much time passes between the time I write this and the time you read it, we’re linked, and we were indirectly before you read it…

Think of it like a spider web that covers the entirety of the globe.

Each strand is comprised of a length of the time each of us is alive. Just like in a spider’s web the strand the spider sits on doesn’t need to be the direct strand the fly lands on for it to know dinner is served.

So too are you, me, and everyone else. Your strand touches other strands which in turn touch others which eventually connects us (and you to Kevin Bacon).

The Teeth On The Keys To Our Universe

love-keysHopefully, that starts to loosen the death grip on this idea that some choice, or choices, you may have made in the past are causing some sort of plight on the world that can’t be undone.

Our choice to hang on to the past is what gives it the power to have an impact on our future.

Every single thing you choose to do, every tiny choice, from whether to eat Chinese or Italian for dinner, or whether to become a doctor or a lawyer, is essential to forming the grooves on the surface of the keys to this reality.

If you would’ve made different decisions in the past, if somebody would’ve killed Hitler as a baby, if you decided to hold your pee for a few more minutes to watch the after credits scene of Deadpool 2, we’d all be in a different version of the universe than we are right now.

So, no matter what you choose in this moment…. it’s perfect and required…. to assist in creating the particular set of keys to access this universe, here and now.

 Unlock Forgiveness, Unlock Potential

When we hang on to the pain of the past, either the ones we suffered or the ones we caused, we add more suffering rather than alleviating any at all.

The only way to move forward is to try to always step out of the emotion, eventually, and see it from the higher perspective of the whole web… when the time is right.

kitten head sideways asking you to feel all the feelsThis is in no way intended to go against the former articles of this blog where I’ve advised to feel your pain completely, far from it.

As you begin to be better at letting go of the past to embrace the present, you begin to realize what it truly means to feel pain completely.

The five stages of grief contain denial as one of the five, for a reason, and it’s a very needed and precious part of the cycle, just do your best not to take up residence within it.

Forgiveness is how we all start to move out of the houses that pain built.

…when we step back and see the whole circle of things, we can see death as a tick-mark on the circle, not the end of a particular thread.

Most importantly forgiveness gives us the strength to keep pulling the lens back, farther and farther, and at some point we see the thoughts and actions where we had a hand in laying some of the bricks on the painful structures in our lives…

Please forgive yourself, first, above all others!

Forgive Them Father They Know Not What They Do

You’re doing the best you can, we all are.

lion-stoic-proud.jpgWe aren’t machines who make decisions devoid of feeling and empathy.

This grants us our humanity but it also means we aren’t in the driver’s seat anywhere from 40 – 95% of the time, there is just far too much data for us to consume for more than that to be possible.

Our consciousness is blessed to be chosen to sit atop of a machine that takes in vasts amount of information, far more than most of us can imagine, filters it through an understanding of what has come before it, and spits out an interpretation of the world around us.

Much like our eyes invert the image and yet we know the ground is under our feet, not above, we know what we know based only on what we’ve been afforded the pain of bumping into previously.

key-on-woodEach of us truly comes to know what joy is because we’ve experienced the fear and pain that’s come before it.

Whatever you’ve done, whatever you will do, will be amidst that same dance of pain, pleasure, alertness, and autopilot. Don’t forsake it, cherish it.

You’re the reason beauty and peace can become known in the special and perfect way that is created in the eddies of the flow of energy as you pass through this life.

Please fall in love with all the darker panes of glass, just as much as you fall in love with the lighter ones, in the stained glass window of perfection that you are.

Love the ways you die as much as the way you live, cherish, forgive, and .. just live and be love.

It’s in there just waiting to bust out completely, there’s nothing I’m more certain of in the whole of the cosmos.


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