The Gift – A Poem Initiated By Throw Down

The gift

Not forgetting the sun exists when it’s pouring rain

Remembering to strive to see the person, through the pain

Living long enough to realize it’s all been a choice

Letting go of a need to have my life be evaluated by the reach of my voice

Is there truly any gift that’s really ours to give away?

hand-through-fence-giving-flowersWe’re equally receiver and giver, in our own special way

If there is a gift, it’s knowing the gratitude in realizing

Reality only exists because yours makes mine available for sizing

Thanks For Stopping By

This poem is in response to this week’s prompt ”The Gift You Share!” from Singledust’s  Writing Challenge at Go Dog Go Cafe. It is open to all who can write a poem or a story under 100 words based on how you can make someone happy with your gift. Follow this link to know more. Let us spread joy guys!

I literally copy pasta the above blurb from another blogger who followed me recently Winnie (asking for forgiveness for the bad linking or citation, I’m a newbie).


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