Knowing Zen In Lieu Of Sin

Do we really need our fears?

How about pain, do you think we could come to know life the way we do now, in a reality that didn’t experience pain?

Like many I lived my life thinking that these were aspects of existence that simply were a man-made manifestation.

I believed we knew of these aspects of ourselves based solely on some mistake we may have made a long time ago (🤔) …

….but even more recently, I saw it as something akin to a mental illness of perception that we were eventually going to be able to free ourselves from.

Now, the more I compare our lives, and our interconnected-symbiotic essence of creation (see all previous on God’s Breadcrumbs) to that of every other unbroken circular aspect in nature, I’m truly beginning to think the complete opposite.

Ah, Hells Bells, You’re Gonna Ride The Lightning Buddy

If you’re anywhere close to screaming ‘blasphemer”, “Judas”, or some other heavy metal sounding lyric or band-name in protest… please hear me out.

“Without fear there cannot be courage” – Christopher Poalini

I mean, you’ve stuck around this long (if this isn’t your first time here) with me saying stuff like;

  • “All things are equal, thus nothing is important, so everything is of the utmost importance” and;
  • “You’re basically a god behind the flesh”

This isn’t that much more heretical than that, I’d think.

Also, I’m not saying that there may not be a plain of existence, outside of this reality, where these aspects of our consciousness don’t exist.

I’m just saying that this reality is made possible from;benjamin-voros-757788-unsplash-lunar-eclipse

  • Each of us amassing our own unique individual consequential knowledge of our experience
    • Built on top of a shared experience
  • Using this shared reality, equally for comparison and, to grant access to its depth and dimensions
  • Including these elements, pain and fear, as the quintessential-perception-enabling-building-blocks, which;
    • Give life, as we know it, form and shape
    • Are a necessity, similar to that of our dependence on darkness to enable us to quantify light’s existence.

In yesterday’s post I covered the analogy of our essence to the charge of a magnet and briefly touched on birth and death as the inseparable “poles” of our existence. Now, I’m seeing the pairings of FEAR & LOVE or  PAIN & PLEASURE as the aspects that most of us, in one form or another, are in denial of being required for making life possible.

Pick Your Battles, I Guess

This notion, that we need pain and suffering to know joy, may sound like the ultimate aphorism in support of giving up any hope of finding a balance in terms of quality-of-life for all humans living across the globe.

image of homeless man holding a sign that reads seeking human kindnessPlease believe me when I say; that’s the massively dominant ego-superstructure, built to specifically avoid acknowledging pain’s existence in reality, that has us all hearing it that way, not the love based core of our being, who is equally in charge of our beliefs.

When we step out of the emotion that establishes these aspects as a reality and attempt to rely more heavily on the cognitive reasoning center of our mind, we see that the idea of ridding the world of all suffering is as insane as ridding a magnet of it’s south pole.

We spend most of our energy trying to counter-balance our sense of pain because we believe deep down that we’re somehow the cause of all of it to begin with (which again, is the basis of what most refer to as sin).

We are imperfect beings, something which sounds crazy that I have to say it more than once, but our actions speak louder than our words.

We certainly say we believe that isn’t the case but nearly in the same breath we utter that we should come as close to it as possible, which asserts we are god-like by itself because how the hell do we think we’re equipped to know what perfect looks like?

Religious Content Advisory Is In Effect

abi-ismail-518454-unsplashSide note: This is about to go a little into a back and forth around some of the ideas I’m battling internally with, being raised Christian, and the ideologies that still surround me in my immediate circumstances, atop these ideas.

Reader Discretion Is Advised…

Some may say “that’s why we look to those who came before us” but we seem to agree that no two of us are the exact same.

So why would we hold anyone else’s ideas of perfection as a mold, asserted as what we “should all hope to be strong enough to live up to”?

The variables of temptation of today are nearly completely different than they were yesterday, so is it a good idea to play the game with an outdated playbook?

Ah, but then it could be said, much like I like to build on metaphors, these stories or “playbooks” simply provide metaphorical representations of facts to be used for “guidance”.

Awesome, then does that leave room for us to continue since metaphors are usually put forth with the understanding they’ll be heard slightly differently for some than others, and maybe see past periodicals as guide books, not all uniformity espousing law books?

If you’re still with me after that (thank you), and anyway…

I think most of us use “sin” interchangeably with failure, when we holdimage of little girl head down sitting next to water ourselves up to expectations of perfections and think or say things like;

“If only I were stronger I would be better equipped to sin less often”.

We Are Not Machines

You are not in direct control of hundreds of processes, the birth and death of millions of cells everyday, that are required for you to be reading this post.

I ask you honestly;

velizar-ivanov-502066-unsplashWhy do most of us look back and assert we should have been more capable of controlling the way we behaved, prior to garnering the realization we’re afforded from behaving that way in the first place, than we are capable of performing acts like slowing our heart rates or adjusting our adrenal glands to pump less adrenaline?

Can we agree most of these “should have known better” actions occur at times in our lives when we’re in a panic?

Since it’s all conjecture anyway, if you’d have had control over the body’s automatic subsystems in those times, isn’t it image of cat with ears tucked backjust as likely you’d have seemed better equipped to illustrate a similar level of forethought and “known better” to the same degree as if you actually “knew better”?

Embrace The Flow Of Change, Stop Telling The Universe “You Should Do Better”

When we stop and evaluate this inner struggle of should-haves, could-haves, and what-ifs, we see the suffering we cause as a result of letting our past be the controlling factor in how we operate, based on all the constantly-shifting-to-form-new aspects of reality being thrown at us, today.

We also can hopefully start to open our eyes to the fact that this suffering understandably forces us to uphold these exact same levels of insane expectation on the people in the world around us.

“Damn right; If I shoulda known better, any person in power should be held to an even higher standard of shoulda-known-betters”

[then the search for others who believe the exact same way we do, finds the internet… and here we are]

clem-onojeghuo-199494-unsplashBy embracing the fact that our sins are required to illuminate our current understanding of the way things should be, how does it make sense to want to rid the former, or current, versions of ourselves of them?

Don’t Kill The Messenger (Or Anyone Else For That Matter)

Please remember balance and interconnectedness above all other enlightened platitudes I assert here or otherwise

We need not fear that people will hear these words of “sin is fine by me” as a license to kill, when we understand this dictum emerges as a result of knowing first hand of a sense that “I am you and you are me” in terms of the ever evolving energy and flow of existence.

rawpixel-648580-unsplashThe same aspect of our being that would have us cut off our nose to spite our face (the ego), is the same that asks any of us to murder the other, because that part has no clue that we’re one in totality.

Let me try to illuminate it another way;

What is cancer?

Essentially, it’s when a smaller subset of cells, who lose their understanding of how they’re playing a role on the large scale, begin to gradually shift out of a balance of the death-and-rebirth cycle of cell division, which ultimately impacts the body’s overall state of balance.

This is why you hear “body of” metaphors in so many religions.

Like cells we need death to allow for the balance of life to continue.

The exact same can be asserted for sin and the true wisdom which steps forth as a result.

We’re all not murdering each other prior to fully comprehending this fact, and I’m confident it isn’t going to get worse when we acquire a deeper understanding of it.

Love Your South Pole, Ego, Dark Passenger Or Whatever You Call It

Hopefully, I’ve not further confused the matter and I’m most certainly not saying to follow all your ego’s advise.

Just love everything, all parts inner and outer, as equals; and then perhaps the essence of what is true today, versus just a fear left over from yesterday, has a real chance at becoming clearer to all of us as individuals …

…and through us the world is manifested and perceived as both light and dark, birth and death, joy and sorrow, and we get the honor of watching it all unfold through, and because of, who we are.


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