Goldilocks in waiting…

I wanted to give a heads up to any that may have been waiting on the follow up to Tuesday’s post.

Unfortunately, my job search hasn’t been going as well as I would have hoped.

So, I’ve been tending more to matters surrounding “keeping the lights on” and a continued shelter from the storm (for this or any other “hurricane-like” conditions) in place over my head, rather than the daily decompression that this blog is for me.

I’ve been throwing a few “infographics” (or probably what most would call long winded memes) on instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

They’re in no way a conclusion to the tale I began Tuesday, but it’s still “content” 😉

Hopefully, I don’t lose the few folks I’ve garnered thus far but I’ve definitely come to know, and fully trust, that no matter how the day shows up we’re always far more than just up to the task.

We’re all born knowing what the best course of action is to take in any situation.

I believe fully that growing to see this life as the only known approach for cultivating compassion, comprised of developing firsthand knowledge of fear which hopefully culminates into the understanding that we’re all essentially the incarnation of its opposite….is the real reason any of us are here in the first place.

To all those on the east coast with me, may you find safety, peace, and weather the storm well.


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