The Goldilocks Paradox – An Introduction On How Our Need For Stability Blinds Us To Change


What are some of your favorite things in the whole world?

Have a few in mind?

Now, take a second, and think of one or two “loves” of today that may have started out as the complete opposite.

In one of my recent posts I spelled out that the ego is built for the sole purpose of classifying our world to ensure our survival.


Classification in order to assess reality, by itself, sounds like an oxymoron since whatever we classify in this moment,javier-allegue-barros-768453-unsplash is never identical when we observe it the next time we look at it.

We just assume we know it fully and don’t need to worry with assessing the reality it presents itself as, in the here and now.

This One’s Just Right… Or At Least It Was

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The Never Ending … Blog Post (but seriously longest one yet, whoops)

image of the first gate of the southern oracle from the never ending story mivie

When you see a hand drawn circle, that’s nearly perfect in precision in shape, do you find yourself asking things like;

  • “Where did the artist of this beautifully symmetrical concentric shape start from to make the first mark of it?”, or;
  • “When did they feel it was complete, did he or she stop the moment pen touched ink again or did they follow it back around a few rotations to marvel in its perfection?”

… perhaps some weirdos like me, or those who ate mom’s special brownies, find themselves pondering such nonsense, but most of us look at a hand drawn circle and go “hmm, sweet, nice one brah!” [I’m paraphrasing brownie you, of course].

That said, why do we look at all the circles of life, energy, and creation all around us and think; “Why/how did it all begin?” or more often we can’t stop wondering “how will it eventually end?”.

Perspective, It’s Not Just For Alice And/Or Looking Glasses

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Knowing Zen In Lieu Of Sin

image of girl peering sheepishly from behind an open bible

Do we really need our fears?

How about pain, do you think we could come to know life the way we do now, in a reality that didn’t experience pain?

Like many I lived my life thinking that these were aspects of existence that simply were a man-made manifestation.

I believed we knew of these aspects of ourselves based solely on some mistake we may have made a long time ago (🤔) …

….but even more recently, I saw it as something akin to a mental illness of perception that we were eventually going to be able to free ourselves from.

Now, the more I compare our lives, and our interconnected-symbiotic essence of creation (see all previous on God’s Breadcrumbs) to that of every other unbroken circular aspect in nature, I’m truly beginning to think the complete opposite.

Ah, Hells Bells, You’re Gonna Ride The Lightning Buddy

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Hidden Expectations – Don’t Give Up The Fight To Expose Them To Your Light

Featuredhand with illuminated bulb hover over it

This blog has been extremely eye opening for me in many ways.

Since having this awakening, or whatever you want to call it, I’ve realized just how much fear controlled my life previously and my lack of writing was a major one of those things.

I always knew my thoughts and ideas flowed with the ups and downs, but I’m kind of an assertive-type and an extreme extrovert (if you can’t tell), so I make a lot of “this is it!”, “I can’t believe I didn’t see it before!”, “how does everyone not know this?!” type of statements.

I now see them more clearly as an aspect of my ego’s childlike “know it all” side and it prevented me from writing because I secretly thought; if I write it down and my notions of “what is right” go changing again people will be able to “use it against me”.

Denial – Should I Make The Joke Or Is It Implied

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The Rise And (Eventual) Fall Of Ego Identification – A Foray Into The Psychological Landscape

Featuredman in yellow jacket in frozen forest

Whoa! That title, right?

Well, it’s not that serious.

Basically, I want to talk about how I fully believe we are beings that are two halves seen as a whole, much like a magnet has a north and a south pole, we’re comprised of a permanent and an impermanent “self”.

The former, or permanent, is what most refer to as the spirit, soul, chi, ki, and so on and so on.

The latter, the impermanent, is the essence which identifies with the body and everything else bound to the laws of time. This is what most refer to as the ego.

A Man Who Represents Himself Has A Fool For A Client

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The Gift – A Poem Initiated By Throw Down

The gift

Not forgetting the sun exists when it’s pouring rain

Remembering to strive to see the person, through the pain

Living long enough to realize it’s all been a choice

Letting go of a need to have my life be evaluated by the reach of my voice

Is there truly any gift that’s really ours to give away?

hand-through-fence-giving-flowersWe’re equally receiver and giver, in our own special way

If there is a gift, it’s knowing the gratitude in realizing

Reality only exists because yours makes mine available for sizing

Thanks For Stopping By

This poem is in response to this week’s prompt ”The Gift You Share!” from Singledust’s  Writing Challenge at Go Dog Go Cafe. It is open to all who can write a poem or a story under 100 words based on how you can make someone happy with your gift. Follow this link to know more. Let us spread joy guys!

I literally copy pasta the above blurb from another blogger who followed me recently Winnie (asking for forgiveness for the bad linking or citation, I’m a newbie).


Fall In Love Completely With This Lock-And-Key Based Version Of Reality

My hope is to keep this one brief, but we’ll see how that goes.

I want to touch on how important on the cosmic level you, and all of us, are.

In the series from this week I mentioned how every choice you make is perfect and sacred, and I meant it. Continue reading “Fall In Love Completely With This Lock-And-Key Based Version Of Reality”