The Gift – A Poem Initiated By Throw Down

The gift

Not forgetting the sun exists when it’s pouring rain

Remembering to strive to see the person, through the pain

Living long enough to realize it’s all been a choice

Letting go of a need to have my life be evaluated by the reach of my voice

Is there truly any gift that’s really ours to give away?

hand-through-fence-giving-flowersWe’re equally receiver and giver, in our own special way

If there is a gift, it’s knowing the gratitude in realizing

Reality only exists because yours makes mine available for sizing

Thanks For Stopping By

This poem is in response to this week’s prompt ”The Gift You Share!” from Singledust’s  Writing Challenge at Go Dog Go Cafe. It is open to all who can write a poem or a story under 100 words based on how you can make someone happy with your gift. Follow this link to know more. Let us spread joy guys!

I literally copy pasta the above blurb from another blogger who followed me recently Winnie (asking for forgiveness for the bad linking or citation, I’m a newbie).


Fall In Love Completely With This Lock-And-Key Based Version Of Reality

My hope is to keep this one brief, but we’ll see how that goes.

I want to touch on how important on the cosmic level you, and all of us, are.

In the series from this week I mentioned how every choice you make is perfect and sacred, and I meant it. Continue reading “Fall In Love Completely With This Lock-And-Key Based Version Of Reality”

Balance: Day 4 – Lessen The Sway Of Cray – Step Out Of The Story And Into The Now

Okay to recap: here’s a brief list of the ways we block ourselves from seeing or feeling the natural balance that exists all around us;

  • Condemnation
    • Seeking blame of others to offset our guilt
  • Flow of Energy: We are both our good and bad days
    • Trying to deny the lows has us seeking their eradication
  • Our need to know who we are
    • As viewed by others or valued by ourselves
    • Blocks us from just being who we’re meant to become
  • Our desire to avoid being viewed as anything other than perfect
    • Distancing and separating ourselves from aspects of human nature
    • Leads to hatred and anger whenever we’re associated with groups that  stereotypically  reflect the aspect we’re trying to deny exist in us

I’ll wrap it up with today’s post. Continue reading “Balance: Day 4 – Lessen The Sway Of Cray – Step Out Of The Story And Into The Now”

Balance: Day 3 – The Beautiful Balance Of Diversity – And The Bonds Of Perfectionism That Attempt To Dismiss It

red apple amidst black and white ones

In yesterday’s post I covered how our identification with who we are blocks us from feeling the balance all around us.

Today I want to go into how our desire to align with what we are blocks us in a very similar fashion by seeking to deny the aspects of ourselves that we wish to not be.

Also, I’ll be delving into how this leads us to impose an impossible sense of perfectionism within which leads to oppression without. Continue reading “Balance: Day 3 – The Beautiful Balance Of Diversity – And The Bonds Of Perfectionism That Attempt To Dismiss It”

Balance: Day 2 – Leaving The Orchard – An Apple’s [Long] Tale Of Letting Go

Day two of the series on Balance.

Just in case you missed yesterday (or I wasn’t 100% clear on the overall intention);

My hope is to gently introduce how we all tend to step out of alignment with the world around us as we focus more on being right, moral, or just; rather than simply seeking acceptance of the state of balance that surrounds us at all times. Continue reading “Balance: Day 2 – Leaving The Orchard – An Apple’s [Long] Tale Of Letting Go”

Balance As A Way Of Life – A Series On Learning To Let Go Through Seeking Our Source Code

In yesterday’s post I spoke to the understanding that our cultural need for judgement and condemnation is one of the major contributing factors of our collective suffering and unconsciousness.

It was brought to my attention that the post might have seemed a bit like an amalgam of several different insights (much obliged, even though my school project made it so we couldn’t discuss it fully, Thanks as usual Marquise!).

So, I’ve decided to turn this into a series surrounding conceptualization and internalization of the notion of balance in a much more complete way.

Part One;

The Cognitive Reasoning Of The Universe And Our Personal Relationship With It

Continue reading “Balance As A Way Of Life – A Series On Learning To Let Go Through Seeking Our Source Code”

One Nation – Seen Yet Invisible And Illusive Beyond Measure

It’s incredible to me how filled with choices this life is, everyday.

Even more amazing is how there seems to be a single choice that’s capable of delivering the largest impact on our lives and equally able to go completely unnoticed at the point at which we actually render a decision…

Would you agree nearly all of us would like to believe we possess true power, that we are the masters of our domain, true creators of our own fate, and capable of materializing any one of the innumerable ideas bouncing around in our heads the moment we render a verdict as to which of them actually originated from within us versus being the result of some sort of conditioning? Continue reading “One Nation – Seen Yet Invisible And Illusive Beyond Measure”